Establishing a Limited Company – Benefits and drawbacks


So, you’ve just won the first contract as well as your agency is asking for that information on your United kingdom limited company. Where do you turn in the event you establishing a limited company? How can you tell if the llc route is the best for you, or would an alternate buying and selling option be much better? You will find pros and cons to running United kingdom companies. It’s your personal conditions, your job plans and aspirations and also the nature of the contract which will determine the best buying and selling choice for you. You may even discover that the choice is removed from both hands, which your agency or client insists that you simply generate a limited company before they’ll even work with you.

United kingdom limited company advantages

Company formation is amazingly fast and affordable. You are able to register a restricted company with Companies House, the United kingdom agency which regulates every limited company in Britain, within hrs as well as for less than a couple of many pounds if utilizing an online service. Like a contractor you can usually benefit from significant tax advantages by buying and selling via a limited business. Most contractors pay themselves the absolute minimum salary and take the organization profits as dividends, which can lead to much greater take-home pay when compared with being compensated an income using their company buying and selling options.

You are able to claim legitimate business expenses out of your own limited company, like the costs of managing a office at home with the computers, software and equipment that needs, plus travel expenses, subsistence as well as training costs. And, since it’s name suggests, a llc can safeguard your individual assets, just like your home, when the worst happened along with a client made the decision to file a lawsuit your organization.

Disadvantages of the llc

Despite the fact that your small business is another legal entity of your stuff personally, you’ve still got responsibilities, obligations and responsibilities like a shareholder and director. This could not apply had you been to contract with an alternative buying and selling option.

Once you register a restricted company, you have to send annual accounts made by an accountant, annual returns and notifications associated with a changes to shareholdings and company officials, for example company directors and company secretaries, to Companies House